November 19, 2019

Getting Your RV Ready for Winter Storage

Wash your RV thoroughly. Wash awnings, wheel wells, tires, and check all your seals (windows, doors, and  seals.) Make sure your RV is completely dry before storing it inside or covering it with a tarp. Drain all the water from both the fresh and the waste tanks, you can use RV nontoxic antifreeze (make sure it is made for RV’s) or you can use a compressor to blow the water out of the lines. Disconnect the batteries and store them in a cool — but not cold — and dry place. Batteries will lose some of their charge in storage; the cool temperature slows that loss. Consider placing mouse and ant traps in and around your RV. And, pay special attention to where rodents can get in. Check on your RV regularly through the winter, and make sure you haven’t developed any leaks around window, roof or vents.