Storage Tips 24/7 Accessibility

Should I choose temperature-controlled or conventional? Outdoor or indoor storage? How do I maximize space? These are just a few questions that might pop up when planning to rent with us at Sentry Self Storage. Lucky for you, our team of storage experts have some helpful storage tips to ensure the best storage experience possible!

Our Arlington, Memphis and Cordova storage locations offer convenient options for temperature-controlled storage. Dramatic changes in temperature and humidity can easily harm your storage belongings. If you are planning to store sensitive items such as wood furniture, electronics, papers, photos, we strongly recommend renting temperature regulated storage.

What Not to Store

One of the most common questions we come across here at Sentry Self Storage is what not to store. Items to avoid include:

24/7 Access

Our vehicle storage spaces are always clean, affordable, and ready for you to move in! With ClickandStor™ 24/7 Move-In, you can rent and reserve your unit online, anytime.

Temperature-Controlled vs. Conventional

If you are storing sensitive materials such as wooden furniture, artwork, papers or metals, climate-controlled storage may be best. If you want easy, drive-up access and would feel comfortable storing your items in a traditional household garage, then a conventional unit may be ideal.

Outdoor vs. Indoor Auto Storage

If you plan on storing a car or motorcycle, we have options to store indoors at any of our storage locations. For boats, RVs or trailers, outdoor parking is the best option.

Maximize Space in Your Storage Room

Why pay for more space than you actually need? With the proper planning, you can maximize space to get the best out of your storage!

Always use tape when packing boxes. This will help stabilize them for stacking and keep out any dust. Keep the heavier and sturdier boxes on the bottom and stack the lighter ones on top. When organizing your storage room, leave an aisle for easy access. Label your boxes and keep labels visible so you can simply enter your storage room and retrieve the item you need.

Use furniture and mattress covers. These will deter dust collection or any possible scratching. If you have fragile items such as glass table tops or frames, you can store these in between mattresses to protect them and maximize space.