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    Wine Storage Lockers Memphis, TN

    Wine storage is a sensitive matter. At Sentry Self Storage, we have wine storage lockers that will keep your wine safe, in a temperature controlled environment aging it to perfection the way it was supposed to. Our wine storage is designed to offer expert care and conditions for our wine enthusiasts and collectors in a secure area, accessible during office hours.

    Wine Storage Lockers Memphis

    Like a Fine (Properly Stored) Wine

    The saying “like a fine wine that gets better with age” only applies to wine that has been properly stored. If humidity is too low, corks can dry out and expose the wine inside to air, and this will spoil your wine. If humidity is too high, it can ruin your labels, this will not ruin your wine, but it will lose great resale value. If the temperature is too low, wine can freeze. Unlike liquor which can be stored in a freezer, wine must be stored at a cool, but not freezing temperature. Ideally, this is from 55° – 60°, which is the temperature we maintain in our wine storage area. If temperatures are too high, your wine can spoil.


    Store your wine with us.

    Wine Storage for All Collections

    From small collections to large inventories, our wine storage lockers can accommodate any size wine collection. Both of our locations are state-of-the-art with recorded video surveillance and coded electronic entry. In addition to storing wine, our climate-controlled wine storage lockers are also perfect for other items that are sensitive to humidity and temperature such as cigars and guns.

    For further info on our Memphis storage, visit the Climate Control page.